Corporate social responsibility

The HLB network collectively makes-up 25,000 people and we service clients out of 150 countries around the world. That is a lot of communities we directly and indirectly have an impact on. We see it as our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work. Through our member’s corporate social responsibility initiatives in environmental sustainability, social and economic development, health, education and equality programs, we aim to give back to society.

Our commitment

HLB member firms are deeply committed to community outreach and "green" actions of many kinds, based on both volunteer efforts and fundraising.

We help those in need with:

  • Food, education and health care support
  • Provide support to the most vulnerable in orphanages and hospices
  • Support to the homeless
  • Job training for the unemployed

We help preserve the environment through:

  • Recycling
  • Renewable energies
  • Nature protection

We help foster social and economic development:

  • Building irrigation systems
  • Implementing solar energy in areas deprived of electricity
  • Creating libraries in rural schools

We support health research on:

  • Cancer
  • Rare or chronic diseases

Championing diversity and inclusion

For our business to thrive, we need our people to thrive. At HLB, we believe that creating a divers and inclusive environment through all layers of the organisation boosts innovation and employee engagement. We aim to provide the best opportunities for our people and attract and retain top talent, to ultimately service our clients better. We champion diversity and inclusion by:

  • Engaging in diversity and inclusion related conversations
  • Being an advocate for workplace flexibility
  • Facilitating talent mobility programs for our members
  • Promoting leadership behaviour that fosters workplace diversity and inclusion


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